Stuart Turner – Founder

Stuart Turner

Stuart TurnerStuart Turner has spent 30 years in the Financial Market Infrastructure business. Even during his first job as a scrip clerk at ANZ bank in Australia, where he spent his days stapling transfer forms to share certificates, he thought that there must be a better way to run the system.

A few months later, after promotion to investment analyst, he helped specify the investment department’s first computer system.

After stints building two global market data networks he has moved through a range of clearing houses managing risk, IT and system development all over the planet.

Eventually he specialised in setting up brand new exchange operations and managing them, before becoming a consultant in order to further spread his belief in efficient, modern and clean FMI systems.

During this latter part of his career Stuart has become disillusioned with the quality, price and user interfaces of systems available to FMIs and has decided to use his extensive knowledge of the requirement of the industry and his knowledge of systems to create a brand new choice for the market.